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A Letter to My Sisters in Christ

Dear Sister in Christ,


This topic has been on my heart for a while now, and I feel like God has finally given me the courage to write this. There are a few things I want you to know, and these are things that I need to be reminded of as well. So without further ado, curl up in your favorite chair and relax as I present to you, a rant by Kirsten Bublitz.


You don’t need to get attention from boys to know that you are priceless. You don’t need a boyfriend to validate that you are beautiful. You are priceless and beautiful because the God who counts the hairs on your head and who knows you more than you know yourself says you are. Even though your friend or your sister or that girl on TV has a boyfriend, that doesn’t make you abnormal if you don’t have one. Your time will come, and I know you’ve heard that phrase a lot, because I sure have. But it’s the truth. Your time will come when God says it’s the right time, not when you do. And right now, it might be the right time for your friend or your sister, so be happy for them if you expect them to be happy for you when your time comes.


Now you might be wondering: Kirsten, how do you know my time will come? How can you say that when I’ve waited so long and yet I watch everyone around me falling in love and I’m here alone? Okay, take a step back, and think about the big picture. God parted a whole sea for Moses. According to Ark Discovery, the path the Israelites traveled through the sea was between a quarter to a half mile long, and water was suspended like walls on either side of them that were 5,000 feet high! God did that for Moses! And in the New Testament, God helped Jesus to feed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. According to, a hungry man will eat about ½ pounds of food. This means that God created 2,500 pounds of food that day, plus more, as there were 12 more baskets full of uneaten food! So taking those two events into consideration, how does it feel to know that the man that performed those miracles is in charge of your life? If He can do that, plus perform so many more miracles that are too numerous to count, He can certainly lead you to the man you are meant to marry. Your time will come because He knows all of the desires of your heart, and if it’s His will, He can easily lead two people together who are meant to be together. Put your trust in Him. After all, he knows the whole story of your life while you only know a few chapters.

When a guy does come along (and believe me, they will), set your standards high. You are the daughter of a King and you deserve nothing less than to be treated like a princess. Of course, no guy is perfect, and the only one who can truly be the ultimate man is God. But that doesn’t mean that you have to allow every guy who comes your way to date you. Guard your heart and your body for the one who will treat you the way you deserve. The guy who fails to see your beauty that lusts over your body instead of listening to your thoughts isn’t worth your time. And the guy who leaves you feeling drained emotionally and that uses you for his pleasure isn’t worth your time. The guy who treats your relationship with him like a game and the guy who isn’t gutsy enough to pursue you isn’t worth your time. You deserve to be pursued because you are worth it. It’s not your job to pursue and chase after them, that only leaves a broken heart. Instead, have the courage to let them go if they don’t pursue you, and wait for that guy who will.

I promise you, if it’s in God’s will, He will, without a doubt lead you to your future spouse. And when that guy comes, you won’t have to change yourself for him to like you. He will love every part of you and make you feel like the daughter of a King. In the meantime, work on becoming the best version of yourself. Mold and shape yourself into the wife that you want to be for your future husband. But most of all, in the meantime, enjoy living. Wake up thanking God that it’s a new day and a new opportunity to better yourself instead of pleading to God to give you the man of your dreams. Put your trust in Him that when the right time comes, that man will come into your life. But for now, get to know the man who will love you and pursue you for the rest of your days because the stronger your relationship is with Him, the stronger your relationship with your future husband will be.

I know that all of this is a lot easier said than done, but hopefully you can take something away from my little rant. Everyone needs to be reminded of the importance of realizing their worth and the importance of trusting in Him. I wrote this blog post as much for you as it is for me, as something to look back on whenever I feel like giving up. Remember, the God over Heaven and Earth is in control; He won’t lead you astray.

With Love,


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